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Oorlogspoort trail starts near Gariep Dam and continues south on the Old Colesberg road, staying at various guestfarms on the way to Mt Melsetter. 

Oorlogspoort road from HanglipOorlogspoort road from Hanglip
Kathy, Steu & John socialising on Oorlogspoort roadKathy, Steu & John socialising on Oorlogspoort road
A break on Oorlogspoort trailA break on Oorlogspoort trail
Oorlogspoort - don't forget sealant-filled tubes!Oorlogspoort - don't forget sealant-filled tubes!
"James" patiently waiting with trailing vehicle
Braaing at De Keur after river raftingBraaing at De Keur after river rafting

Trail Details

Day 1 of Cycling

  1. On the northern side of Colesberg, follow signs to Norvalspont road (due east, tar) and about 2km out of town take the dirt road to the right marked Steynsburg.
  2. The first couple of kms of this road are badly corrugated but it soon flattens out. Exactly 11.8km from the start of the dirt road you will come to a fork marked Steysnburg to the left and Hantam Community Education Trust to the right. Take the right fork.
  3. The road meanders on a gentle downhill incline for about 28km and then flattens out. After 32km you arrive at the farm Hanglip immediately on your left. Turn in for breakfast (hosts: Maeder and Lesley Osler).
  4. Exactly 37.8km from the start of the dirt you will arrive at the Hantam Community Education Trust. Pull in for a quick tour with Lesley. Continuing on your ride, you will see the turn out to the well-known horse stud Grootfontein (38.2km from start). Simply continue on your ride.
  5. After 39.8km you will come across a fork - continue to the right, marked Oorlogspoort.
  6. After 45.5km pass the turn-out to Weltevreden Cottage, then pass the farm Fonteintje. At the 53km mark you will ride past the turn-out to the farm Platberg. If in need of a break, turn in and rest on the lawn - perhaps you might get a cup of tea!
  7. At the 63.5km mark after the start you will encounter a T-junction, to the left marked Schoombee and to the right Oorlogspoort farm. Take the right hand turn to Oorlogspoort (the farm house is immediately on your right) and continue through the bend for nearly 3km passing the Grapevale turn out to your right.
  8. Continue for another 9km, passing the Hantam Tennis Club on your right, until your reach the Rooipoort sign on your left. Turn in at this entrance and cycle the last 3 or 4km up a moderate incline to your guesthouse destination for the night. Nicky and Piet Davel are your hosts at Rooipoort.

Day 2 or 3 of Cycling

  1. Depart Rooipoort after a leisurely breakfast back to the farm entrance, turning right towards the Hantam Tennis Club, passing the entrance to Grapevale and Oorlogspoort (indeed, retracing your route to this point).
  2. Turn right on the road marked Schoombee/Macasserfontein. After 10.5km from the Oorlogspoort T-junction you will pass the turn-out to Macasserfontein farm on your right. Continue along this route until you pass an earth dam on your right (18.3km), spotting the iconic koppies of Teebus and Koffiebus in the distance off to your left.
  3. After 22.9km you will ride past the farm owned by Dirkie van der Walt and at the 27.5km mark you will come across a fork. To the right is marked Middelburg, continue on the left towards Schoombee.
  4. Soon after you will ride over a small hill and at the 32.5km mark you will pass the farm Skoongesig (Barbara van Zyl). At the 36.4km mark you will cross a low-level bridge over the Great Brak River.
  5. Continue another 3.5 km passing the Hillston turn-in on your left. 
  6. Continue on the road heading due south to Mt Melsetter. At the T-junction with the R56 tar road, turn right for 2km to the sign on the right into Mt Melsetter. 

Trail Dates & Bookings

Autumn trails start in mid March and run until the first week in June. We run trails on most weeks during this 3-month period.

Spring trails resume on 15 September and run until the first week in December - again during most weeks in this period.


Complete the form below should you wish to send us an enquiry regarding this Trail. 

Cyclists wishing to book trails can do so for any four- or five-day period, including weekdays. Generally, the best days for trailing involve arriving at your start destination on a Thursday, cycling on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday, departing on the Monday or Tuesday morning; but we will tailor trails to suit your specific requirements, depending on availability of accommodation at the various guesthouses en route.

Please note: minimum of 8 cyclists per trail, maximum of 14.

The ideal number of cyclists per group is between 8 and 12. If number is smaller than that simply enquire about joining another group. By prior arrangement, GKC can accommodate a maximum 14 cyclists per party


Please Note:
A 50% deposit on costs is payable two months ahead of commencement of trail in order to secure booking. The remaining 50% to be paid before start of trail. No refund of deposit if cancellation within 10 days of the start date of the trail.


Contact David Southey directly via email or phone:

Email: dpsouthey@gmail.com
Phone: Office 082 453 6357

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